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Every day, our children become someone new – someone just a bit different than they were yesterday, last week, or last month. They will continue to be beautiful through all their changes, but the very particular beauty they possess at this moment will vanish with the day, to be replaced by the beauty they will possess tomorrow. And memories may grow dim, to our deep regret. But through the magic of photography we can continue to cherish the beauty they have today, right now, through all of time to come.

My passion for children's photography was inspired by my precious angels. It is my greatest joy to capture the essence of each individual child and turn it into a memory that can never fade. With the children that I have the privilege to photograph, I strive to capture their charm and innocence while they are busy simply being themselves.

I prefer to shoot outdoors, and with natural light. Natural light, when caught from the proper angle, imparts a warm and healthy glow to your child's features, while the outdoors allows the child to relax, enjoy the fresh air, and move freely. It may be more challenging than working in the controlled environment of a studio, but the outdoor settings provide backdrops that no studio can match, and the overall results are greatly superior.

The resulting images will endure forever, and you will treasure them your entire life. And one day it will be your children's turn to treasure them, both for themselves and for sharing with children of their own. And they will be filled with gratitude for the gift.

Please allow me to capture your child's spirit as it is now, that you may keep it forever.

You can find me in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Abigail Roma Miguel - Photographer

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